The traditional NGF Tournament will now be staged over 3 days. Players can still choose their own itinerary as always.

Courses include Kingswood, Oubaai, George, Fancourt Montagu, Fancourt Outeniqua, Pezula, Pinnacle Point, Simola and Goose Valley.

Please note that golf carts are included in the package price with the exception of Fancourt and George Golf Club, where you have to book your own.


To be eligible for the overall competition, golfers must:

  1. play all four rounds of golf
  2. must have an official handicap

There are 5 divisions:

  • Men Division 1; handicap category 0-9
  • Men Division 2; handicap category 10-15
  • Men Division 3; handicap category 16+
  • Ladies Division 1; handicap category 0+

The gross score of the player is used, less his/her handicap (net score). Gross score per hole is calculated when a player can no longer score stableford points.

Average net score of the field is determined. This average net score = 1,000points.

Each players net score is then compared to the field’s average and expressed as a factor x 1,000 point to give each player his/her points for that round of golf.

Example: Player A scores 86, less handicap of 12 = net score of 72. If the average net score for the field is 74 then player A gets 1,028 points (74/72 x 1,000) Player B scores 94 with a handicap of 18, his net score is 76. Player B then scores 974 points (74/76 x 1,000).


One person per 4-ball to complete scorecard and all 4 players to sign.

The scorecard per 4-ball must be handed in for score calculation after the round.

Daily competition – individual stableford.

Players without an official handicap will default to the following:

  • Men 18
  • Women 24

Daily Prizes

  • Prizes: 1st to 3rd prize based on stableford points
  • 5 x lucky draws


Handicaps can be adjusted after the 2nd and 3rd rounds as follows:

If a player’s net calc is 2 or lower than his/her handicap will be adjusted by 1 for every 2 shots lower. Example. Starting handicap is 16. Gross score for the day is 84 and course rating is 70. Net calc. is therefore 14. Handicap will then be reduced by 1 to a 15 for the second round.
The opposite also applies; a palyer’s handicap can be adjusted up after the 2nd or 3rd round, but not above his/her starting handicap.
A player’s official handicap will be used to determine the Division for the overall leaderboard.


The bulk of our players come to NGF as part of their annual golf tour so it is important for us to build on this and facilitate this fun element that is at the core of our festival. The final day of the festival teams will compete against each other in a fun competition for some floating trophies and bragging rights. This will still be done on a course of your choice and we will pair players that are not in a group with a four ball. You can now also purchase your own small trophy from our website when the bookings open to play for within your own four ball. We will try our utmost to conclude the team challenge in time for players to get to the airport for flights from 3pm on Sunday.