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Event Competitions


  • Daily:

  • Daily competition - individual stableford. One person per 4-ball to complete scorecard and all 4 players to sign and one person per 4-ball to score on Score Capture Smartapp.

    Players without an official handicap will default to the following:

    • Men 18
    • Women 24

    Daily prizes

    • Prizes 1st to 5th prize based on stableford points
    • 5 x lucky draws

  • Overall Competition:

  • Only golfers that plays all 4 rounds of golf will be eligible for this competition and who has an official handicap.

    There are 5 divisions:

    • Men Division 1; handicap category 0-9
    • Men Division 2; handicap category 10-15
    • Men Division 3; handicap category 16+
    • Ladies Division 1; handicap category 0+

    The gross score of player is used less his/her handicap (net score). Gross score per hole is calculated when a player can no longer score stableford points.

    Average net score of the field is determined. This average net score = 1,000points.

    Each players net score is then compared to the field’s average and expressed as a factor x 1,000 point to give each player his/her points for that round of golf.

    Example: Player A scores 86, less handicap of 12 = net score of 72. If the average net score for the field is 74 then player A gets 1,028 points (74/72 x 1,000) Player B scores 94 with a handicap of 18, his net score is 76. Player B then scores 974 points (74/76 x 1,000).

  • Additional Rules:

    • Top 6 leaders on overall leaderboard per handicap category will be split form their 4-ball for the last round of golf

    Prizes and trophies per division:

    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd

    Prize giving at the final prize giving dinner.

    The winners per handicap category will be the players with the most points after 4 rounds of golf:

  • Handicap Adjustment:

  • Handicaps can be adjusted after the 2nd and 3rd rounds as follows:

    • If a player’s net calc is 2 or lower than his/her handicap will be adjusted by 1 for every 2 shots lower. Example. Starting handicap is 16. Gross score for the day is 84 and course rating is 70. Net calc. is therefore 14. Handicap will then be reduced by 1 to a 15 for the second round.
    • The opposite also applies; a palyer’s handicap can be adjusted up after the 2nd or 3rd round, but not above his/her starting handicap.

    A player’s official handicap will be used to determine the Division for the overall leaderboard.


Goerge Golf Club
09 August 2018 - 1st Round

Kingswood Golf Estate
10 August 2018 - 2nd Round

Entry fee per ball 4-ball

Information and Bookings:

For manual bookings just emails charl@natgolfest.co.za

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